An E-Scribe’s duties include overseeing the documentation of patients’ visits to the emergency department and assisting as a physician’s assistant.

E-Scribe services by IPClinical: IPClinical offers comprehensive E-Scribe services, which are further distributed as follows:

Chief complaints: Our E-Scribe service streamlines the documentation process, facilitates communication among healthcare providers, enhances patient care, and supports various administrative and research functions in the healthcare industry.

History of present illness: Our E-Scribers are responsible for keeping accurate records of patients’ history to effectively update the doctor regarding the patient’s current condition. This contributes to more effective diagnosis and treatment.

Physical exam: The E-Scribe service focuses on evaluating anatomic findings through observation, palpation, and percussion, and relating them to the patient’s history.

Procedure documentation: Our E-Scribe service captures and maintains a complete record of all documentation used in medical procedures.

Assessment and plan: The assessment and plan stage involves analyzing problems, possible interactions, and potential changes in the patient’s status to provide effective treatment and care.

Diagnosis: The updated documentation facilitated by E-Scribers helps ensure accurate diagnosis, leading to proper treatment plans.

Discussion notes: Our E-Scribers promptly capture accurate and detailed notes of patient visits. These notes help enter updated diagnostic reports in the Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, as directed by the provider.

Patient instructions and goals: E-Scribe services help reduce the number of unfilled prescriptions and increase medication adherence. Patients can easily follow medical instructions without the need to physically keep a prescription.

Customer communication: Our E-Scribe service enables patients to access their reports and evaluations easily, fostering better communication between doctors and patients.

Follow-ups: E-Scribe allows healthcare professionals to electronically record details about a patient’s health condition, treatment plan, medication changes, and recommendations provided during the visit. These notes are easily accessible and useful for future appointments with the doctor.

Conclusion: E-Scribe services are gaining popularity due to their ability to eliminate paper waste and provide patients with easily accessible information. Our E-Scribe service at IPClinical facilitates better communication between patients and doctors, while also reducing the burden on healthcare providers and fostering a more consistent team environment.


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