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You deserve your freedom to analyze a patient’s wellbeing, not the technicalities of your EHR.

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o Reduce your workload
o Improve patient care
o HIPAA Compliant

Receive a tailored framework with customizable hours, real-time EMR updates and instant chart completion to help your practice thrive.

Excellence by IPClinical

Our scribes adhere to HIPAA Compliance and highly qualified with a medical background, therefore, are aware of the diagnosis and terminologies used during the encounter. Each individual has an experienced background and are capable of adapting to an EMR Software of your choice. You have the freedom to choose your desired platform to communicate and select to proceed with an audio or video setting. Our detail oriented and tech-savvy scribes, offer flexibility of service with quality, accuracy and excellent communication skills. Furthermore, their impressive time management skills guarantee an instant chart completion. Rest assured with our security policy that vows confidentiality.

HIPAA Compliance

Qualified Professionals

Tech Savvy

Confirmed Confidentiality

Better Patient Care

Time and location are certain factors that result in low FTE demands. When you’re not occupied with updating the records and documenting the entire interaction — you’re able to offer your undivided attention to your attention. It is easier to communicate with them, promise improved satisfaction and decrease the risk of human-error in your account to prevent accidental malpractice.

Reduce Your Responsibilities

Burnouts are a possible and common result of excessive workload. With less administrative work on your plate, you’ll be able to maximize your time with the patients. Hence, increase your productivity and allot the extra minutes for more appointments.

Real-time EMR Updates

E-scribes revise the patient’s health records in real-time during your interaction and record the medication prescribed, labs to run and possible condition diagnosis etc. They do the work for you! From chief complaints to follow ups, your scout work is re-assigned.p

Increased Turnaround Time

You can receive charts and documentation faster with a skilled and competent scribe. The time spent on working on the EMR yourself can be utilized for new patients or concentration on the current case.

Positive ROI

A positive return-on-investment can be achieved easily. Improved patient care will encourage more appointments for your practice. It may be possible that your case is more comfortable around a virtual presence than a physical one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you prefer an EHR Software that our e-scribes are unfamiliar with, they receive extensive training a week prior to understand your methods better.

Yes. Our e-scribes are a master of their craft as they efficiently manage a hectic day with you!

Yes. Our specialists are upskilled beforehand to ensure accurate information.

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