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We believe in relationships. Despite of all the complexities in today’s healthcare industry, it all comes down to one idea, best care given to the patients. When doctors aren’t distracted by the day-to-day challenges with running their business, they are able to focus more on taking care of their patients. We are here to help you do that.

Since 2013, IPClinical is purpose-built with all sized practices in mind, small or large. Our company was founded in desire to bring the best and most simple solutions to the healthcare industry. Company founding members include individuals associated with healthcare and IT industry for over 20+ years experience and possess in-depth knowledge of medical profession and latest technology innovations.

From administration to EHR and billing, we streamline operations so providers can spend more time on patient well-being. The time we give back makes a big difference and that’s where relationships are built, when the most meaningful care happens. This is why we love what we do.

Our Mission: To provide the most comprehensive and easiest software to Physicians, to take care of their patients. Not only that, to make your lives easier with our outsourcing services.

Our Vision: In the next few years, IPClinical will unleash its entrepreneurial spirit to become the market-leading provider of technology-enabled solutions to the business problems faced by small and large medical practices.


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We will achieve our vision by:
  • Building a team of people that match our values and are the best at what they do
  • Developing a culture and making decisions based on our vision and values
  • Making complex processes intuitive through imaginative applications of technology
  • Providing human connections to solve problems where our products are less apt to be successful
  • Educating small practices with ideas and insights about the business of healthcare
  • Investing in the product discovery process to create innovative solutions
Our values:
  • Passionately Driven
  • Positive Culture
  • Deliver Excellence
  • Be Cool-latest and greatest
  • Expect and Embrace Change
  • Make Room for Imagination
  • Grow and Win
  • Long term relationship


Our customize and powerful EHR software can save your time.

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